“Quickening” in Project Atrium at MOCA Jacksonville

March 19, 2016 – June 26, 2016

Project Atrium: Shinique Smith. Quickening on view at MOCA Jacksonville, A Cultural Institute of UNF.

“VIBRANT AND MATERIALLY INVENTIVE, Shinique Smith’s signature bundles of tied clothing hang in the forty-foot-high Atrium Gallery against a backdrop of painted calligraphy and mirrored surface. Made with fabric, paint, found objects, and used clothing, her work incorporates elements of graffiti, Japanese calligraphy, and collage. The energetic patterns and rich textures conjure tactile sensations and emotional connections based on our relationship with clothing. As the cascading sculptures twirl and perform like dancers, the intersection of material, motion, and reflection creates a thought-provoking visualization about personal identity and individual style. Blossoming into the space, Smith’s installation radiates energy outward to the rest of the Museum.”

Read more at MOCA Jacksonville

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