Refuge Exhibition


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Colony Little. “Shinique Smith Adds New Layers to Her Fabric Work With a Show That Doubles as a Collection for LA’s Homeless” ArtNet News, April 18, 2018


 Selected Exhibitions & Reviews 


Forgiving Strands on View:


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Quickening Exhibition:


Charlie Patton. “Shinique Smith’s ‘Quickening’ is MOCA Jacksonville latest Project Atrium exhibit” The Florida Times-Union, March 21, 2016



Bright Matter Exhibition:


Katherine Brooks. “Shinique Smith Crafts A Celestial Universe From Ink, Textiles And Other ‘Bright Matter’” Huffington Post, September 18, 2014

Cate McQuaid. “Shinique Smith exhibit wild and welcoming” Boston Globe, August 28, 2014


Bold as Love Exhibition:


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KCRW. “Los Angeles schoolkids make fine art – with socks” KCRW, February 2013




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The New Children’s Museum. “Trash (Exhibition)”The New Children’s Museum, October 2011

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