Participating in Bienal de Cuenca 2016
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November 25th, 2016 – Febuary 5th, 2017

Bienal de Cuenca 2016 : Impermanencia Curated by Dan Cameron

“For most of its recorded history, an essential quality of visual art has been the effort that has been made to prolong its existence. If a work of art that was considered really important, the responsibility to ensure its transmission from one generation to the next lay with their owners or custodians; the inability to do so could only be caused by calamities such as war or a major fire. Whether mounted on the wall of a church, hung in the rooms of a patron of the arts, or carefully guarded and sealed inside a Swiss vault, an absolutely essential aspect of the material and symbolic value of art has always been its unlimited capacity to force to protect it from damage caused by weather, a state of permanence that we-the same viewers whose unbroken devotion maintains its reputation with Vital- pulse, we can only speculate.”

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