Mural on the Mountain

December 3rd, 2015

Shinique Smith’s recent commission by Aspen Art Museum and Aspen Skiing Co. included in Aspen Times Weekly by Andrew Tavers.  “The wall — just under 30 feet long and just over 9 feet high — had transformed into a windblown psychedelic abstract, with graceful gestures of black paint amid bright bursts of pinks and violets, cuts of paper and cloth collaged within giving it sculptural textures here and there, with detailed sections of calligraphy and drawing, and small silhouetted figures of a dancer and a skier. Even in its unfinished state, it was the kind of piece you could get lost in from afar or up close, as skiers have been doing since Smith completed it and the season opened in November.”

Read more at “Aspen Times Weekly: Mural on the Mountain


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